Playlist di Vincenzo Bagnoli


«I talk a new language. You will understand.I talk about the springes and traps of inspiration.  IN SPIRATION—what you breathe in. You breathe in words. Words breathe you IN. I demonstrate Thee, the Out-Word inaction both visual and aural, racing away in one direction to sounds more concrete than music and, in the other, to paintings like television screens in your own head. I am better than Trans-ducer for I show you own Interior Space.»



David Bowie, Warszawa (Low, 1977)


Śląsk, Helokanie (1959)


Philip Glass, Warszawa (Low Symphony, 1993)


Joy Division, Atmosphere (Licht und Blindheit, 1980)


Donny McCaslin, Warszawa (Beyond Now, 2016)

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